Glass Cleaning Platform

Glass Cleaning platform
Glass Ceaning / Window Cleaning / Suspended Platform


Glass cleaning suspended platform Or Window cleaning belongs to electrical-driven climbing and decorating machinery, mainly used to decorate, maintain and clean the external walls of high-level mutil-storey buildings and exterior construction such as cement coating, veneer, paints, installing the glass curtain walls, painting as well as cleaning and maintainence. Also can be applied to the operating of big vessels and bridges, dams etc. Applying this product can release scaffold free, reduce the costruction cost and the efficiency will be greatly increased. Mean while, the production is simple flexible, easy transfer, easy to operate, safe and and reliable


Above parameters are standard specification of our company, and we could also meet special requirements on platform length and shape according to different countries.

If you would like to know some special models such as ZLP400, ZLP600, ZLP2000. Please feel free to contact us for details